About Tristar

Tristar Middle East is a specialist provider of training solutions for the Oil and Gas industry as well as customizable training programs for companies across different disciplines and competencies. Established in 2001, Tristar Middle East is ISO certified and has offices in Egypt, the UAE and Iraq. We conduct training programs for companies across the Middle East and Africa, which

Strategic Perspective

We believe training is priority for all workforces. Trainees will develop their talents, critical thinking, and technology skills, by being actively engaged in the training program. Our mission is to empower all trainees to apply their acquired skills and knowledge, and to rely upon their personal attributes. We provide the opportunity for individuals to be successful, by Promoting


A measurable outcome of any successful training program is increased productivity. Career growth is a happy by-product but not necessarily the main focus. As an established specialist provider of training programs for the Oil and Gas industry, Tristar Middle East offers world-class learning solutions for improving performance and productivity. We also

Our Facts